• Estate Planning
    Our firm specializes in providing estate, gift, and trust planning and consulting.

  • Estate and Trust Tax Preparation
    Approximately 70% of the firm's activites involve the preparation of estate, gift, and trust tax returns and the related planning services.

  • Individual Income Tax Preparation
    Tax return preparation services are also provided for individuals involved with estates and trusts.

  • Personal Representative Services for Probate Estates
    Independant services can be provided when needed by probate estates.

  • Conservatorship Services
    Conservatorship services can be provided where institutional services are deemed inappropriate under various circumstances.

  • Trustee Accounting Services
    The firm works with trust beneficiaries in reviewing trustee activities and carrying out the fiduciary duties.

  • Other Services
    The firm has established a network of CPA's with whom we work and refer work where specialized knowlege is required that is outside our specialty.

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